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bakanut_graphic's Journal

bakanut graphics
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This community is dedicated to the graphics of coconutbaka. No one is permitted to post anything in this community but comments. Normally, I would have a private journal for this, but I think this is the easiest way for me to maintain a graphics service.

bakanut graphics is completely free. I make signatures, avatars, livejournal icons (same thing as an avatar, I guess), friends only banners, wallpapers, etc. I do NOT know how to make layouts, sorry. They have communities for that. Feel free to take any graphic you choose, but follow the rules.

Program: Combination of Photoshop Elements 2.0 and Photoshop 7.0/Image Ready 7.0
Hosting Service: I do Photobucket and ImageShack... mainly Photobucket.

1. No hotlinking.
2. Credit is not necessary, but I appreciate it if you don't claim my work as your own.
3. Commenting is appreciated.
4. I do take requests for graphics. I can do icons, avatars, sigs, layout headers, banners, etc. Just don't request a layout... I can't get the coding right for the life of me. Just tell me the size of the graphic and what to put on it, and I can make it.
5. Don't start shit with me. I am quick to anger and quick to say no. If you make a request, be nice about it.